Software Engineering, a personal journey

Why store images in a database and how to do it

As with most things the choice to store files on a file structure or in a database are project speci ...

C# LINQ descending order

This article contains code.

C# Blog post consumables and how things are developing

My job as a C# Developer keeps me really busy but I do love to learn new things and my down time is ...

Litedb MVC C# .Net: Introduction to document style databases

I love trying new things and Litedb is a great example of what you can do with a little. Lite doesn' ...

Asp.Net MVC Pagination using Xamarin

Having written a previous post about pagination I thought it would be worth adding a quick video to ...


C# ASP.Net MVC Bootstrap CSS styling
Learning JQuery by using it for real
Hello world
SVG parsing, proof of concept
Asp.Net MVC Pagination using Xamarin


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Using Blazor Components In An Existing MVC Application by @chris_sainty https://t.co/iim3yf9cy0 #aspnet #blazor via @DotNetKicks;

Google Testing Drive Feature for Accessing Files Offline https://t.co/gjUp5WXqsm https://t.co/bS6dogTjhB;

Location Intelligence, Personalization And The Changing Face Of Retail Success https://t.co/qqTkywQjKZ;

Amy O'Neill
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Digital Trends
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