Software Engineering, a personal journey

Six months as a Sitecore developer

Time fly's when you're having fun and here we are six months on and still going strong. Sitecore is ...

Moving roles

I start my new role tomorrow, it's a return to C# ASP.NET Web Development. There is a little twist t ...

Long time, no post

Ahoy from the other side, it's been a while but here I am again. Had a look through the site stats a ...

.Net Core MVC, you shall not defeat me

This article contains code.

Javascript recursive fraction simplification

This article contains code.


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Asp.Net MVC Pagination using Xamarin
Litedb, my gallery and document databases
Socket, Streams and Texas Hold'em
Learning JQuery by using it for real


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#cookschat #dinnerideas This recipe for Bourbon-Marinated Roast Pork is in my @nytimes cookbook #DinnerforEight. Se… https://t.co/UdMzPDjq7I;

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