Software Engineering, a personal journey

SVG parsing, proof of concept

As a Software Engineering it's great to be asked to spend a little time on something new especially then it's something you haven't done before

So when my manager asked me to look at such a problem I relished the challenge. Moving from the core duty of working on a content delivery system for classroom resources to a small related project was a great change. The problem was, to create the hand drawn notes and drawings recorded by pupils during a lesson. Fundementally it was parsing sets of co-ordinates and drawing them to a canvas element. To produce a proof of concept I was asked to make it as generic as possible so the whole thing was produced in Javascript and HTML. Having found a great SVG library http://www.svgjs.com to work with it was easy to parse an external dat file with co-ordinates and draw it to the DOM. https://github.com/juryrigcoder/AnimatePupilNotes


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