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Long time, no post

Ahoy from the other side, it's been a while but here I am again

Had a look through the site stats and goodness me there's some very persistent people out there but I'd really appreciate it if you'd stop now as all the spam links are boring and not very helpful. Comments are supposed to be for commenting on the articles not for Russian phishing links.
So I got that rant off my chest now on the other stuff. This site was a way to learn, and goodness me has it done that. I've learnt that Russian spam peddlers are very stubborn. Also, figuring things out and using the results constructively trumps just about everything. Thirdly, flogging a dead horse isn't the best use of time so when it's over move on and get productive. So, this site got me a new job and that means it was a useful way to spend my time but it's time to move on.
I need to get a new site up and running for my next learning experience. I don't want to use this site as I want to learn to use .Net Core and that isn't this site. My idea is to learn about MS SQL and how to link it with a .Net Core Docker deployed project. I've pinned my colours to the mast with C# and I have to keep up to date and relevant. This could be achieved through the MS exams and certifications but not every company acknowledge them. I figured project based approaches to demo skill and learn knowledge for the future.



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