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My job as a C# Developer keeps me really busy but I do love to learn new things and my down time is generally filled with books and videos covering the latest and greatest in tech today

At the same time my site has also been receiving a little love and this post is a quick test. So what great feature am I speaking of, well it's good old fashioned HTML. Or more accurately how do you insert it into a view constructed in .Net MVC 5 without violating the first rule og MVC Club 'There is no HTML insert'? That's isn't exactly true but initial searched of Stackoverflow generally lead with 'turn of validation' which is a pure solution. ASP.Net MVC 4 allows the attribute decoration of [AllowHTML], along with encode and decode HTML helpers and a sprinkling of HTMLAgilityPack I think the fundimentals are in place.

C# ASP.Net MVC Pagination from Andrew Heyworth on Vimeo.


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