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Litedb, my gallery and document databases

Every good site has some form of gallery and I have a love of Graphic Design and lots of example to share

So a gallery was an inevitability that when I got round to engineering a site it would include one. We all love trying new technology and the first time I came across litedb http://www.litedb.org I knew it was worth using but what could it be used for. As soon as I started planning jury-rig litedb was pressed into service.
Here's the view controller:
    public class GalleryController : Controller
        /// <summary>
        /// Displays a default view and sends an image list object within the biew model.
        /// </summary>
        public ActionResult Index()
            var model = new GalleryModel() {Images = FileStoreManipulation.ImageList(ImageDirectory.Gallery)};
            return View(model);

And the method used to create the image list:
    public class FileStoreManipulation
        public static List<string> ImageList(string DirectoryName)
            var listed = new List<string>();
            using (var db = new LiteDatabase(DbConnectionString.FileStoreLocation))
                var files = db.FileStorage.Find(DirectoryName);
                listed.AddRange(files.Select(str => str.Id));
                return listed;

Inserting the images into the file store required a method like the one below:
        public static void DocumentdbImageFileUpLoad()
            using (var db = new LiteDatabase(stringtodb))
                var path = @"C:\Users\";
                var filePaths = Directory.GetFiles(path, "*.jpg", SearchOption.AllDirectories);
                var list = new List<string>();
                foreach (var file in list)
                    var ext = Path.GetExtension(file);
                    var name = "$/ImageFileLocation/";
                    db.FileStorage.Upload(name + Guid.NewGuid() + ext, file);


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