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C# ASP.Net MVC Creating and inserting blog posts
Long time, no post
Moving roles
SVG parsing, proof of concept
.Net Core MVC, you shall not defeat me


WhiteHat Security
With half of organizations reporting a skills shortage, the cyber security skills gap is getting worse with no end… https://t.co/Et3BrWLkr2;

Joe Ingeno
C# 8: Generic Attributes https://t.co/6MlHp0ugsd @infoq #csharp #dotnet #aspnet;

Digital Trends
The return of the OG flip-phone is coming. https://t.co/tPqTg7WoOv;

VA Prime
Oh the King size pillow top you better have a dream;

Mark Nelson
Are your limiting beliefs holding you back? Here's what you need to do! https://t.co/jPhxVZwaO1 #mlmtip https://t.co/9kNRZWhfFu;

umut katırcı
RT @coin_comments: 6 Important rules for to win when trading in exchanges https://t.co/qIbzz100Db;

RT @acfou: Good Publishers Will Save Digital Marketing v2019 by @acfou #behavioraltargeting #hypertargeting https://t.co/kBQ2osG4Rs via @Sl…;

RT @littledan: @BrendanEich @graydon_pub @markdrew53 Another good one: Many prefer the idea of BigDecimal over fixed-precision (e.g. IEEE 7…;

Mark and Nancy
One of the keys to a successful life is to give more than you take! https://t.co/dEavvSXJAD success https://t.co/czVCSifYJ5;

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RT @newsofmonth: https://t.co/9HIp0csIfd;

VA Prime
I stand with Dr. Kings dream because that's what I want, a safe space protected environment, where you can get alon… https://t.co/pEXnzCWtU2;

Rich Payne 👌💰
Keep pushing forward, ignore the haters and the detractors! #success #quotes #motivate https://t.co/MJAzjy9ylK;

Digital Trends
The end of an era. 😢 https://t.co/VnoGFzJqRQ;

Deep learning is only as good as its data https://t.co/aI5ATVPso7;

The JavaScript Lab
"How JavaScript promises work" #JavaScript https://t.co/Gi6TJEWKsv;

Mark and Nancy
Discover WHY people don't buy from you! https://t.co/T7joLl7jx0 #onlinemarketing mlmtips homebusiness https://t.co/1arXe7QzQ5;

RT @gettdan: Chinese CH-3 UAV in Monrovia, Liberia. More info here: https://t.co/gallxPNwpr https://t.co/UsPeQOgQTK;

Denise Landis
Thank you for joining our first #cookschat We hope to feature specific topics in future chats. So please let us kno… https://t.co/nScxLPXJW3;

Digital Trends
These are three printed keys. https://t.co/AsXoAuWPAz;

RT @woonomic: Buckets that people store value in: Gold: $8T Stocks: $75T Fiat: $90T Real Estate: $220T Then someone figured out how to ma…;

Larry Kim
🌏Infographic: A World of Languages https://t.co/AOnisIkSLL;

Digital Trends
Can electric motors finally make three-wheeled cars great? https://t.co/z4Chfeun86;