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So this article is more for me that it is for you, the site visitor. The site has gone through some ...


Comment spammers
Comments system using a Litedb
C# ASP.Net MVC Creating and inserting blog posts
Site Update: Tagging articles
Litedb MVC C# .Net: Retrieving images from a file store


Using Blazor Components In An Existing MVC Application by @chris_sainty https://t.co/iim3yf9cy0 #aspnet #blazor via @DotNetKicks;

Google Testing Drive Feature for Accessing Files Offline https://t.co/gjUp5WXqsm https://t.co/bS6dogTjhB;

Location Intelligence, Personalization And The Changing Face Of Retail Success https://t.co/qqTkywQjKZ;

Amy O'Neill
RT @back4app: [Parse Crash Course]-Ep9- Building database relations - many to many - JS SDK. 👇https://t.co/FWP5KCB1RO Complete course👇htt…;

juma G. 🇰🇪
Hey @DCI_Kenya, this was careless talk from the MP. We have thousands of Kenyans doing businesses in Uganda and Tanzania. These remarks are xenophobic and should not be tolerated. Where is @NCIC_Kenya? What have you ever done NCIC? https://t.co/hXsvLYER2J;

The @facton EPC Suite Provides #Enterprise #Product Costing Solution For The Automotive, Aerospace, High Tech/Electronics Industries https://t.co/lbmsrBlyzt https://t.co/BHrboOBu2L;

Tech Company News
ProfitHack Helps You Launch Fully-Automated, #Enterprise-Level Digital #Marketing Campaigns https://t.co/GCZLAntjqo @FreeFormAgency https://t.co/OyZj2Jc9l0;

Joe Ingeno
Homemade machine learning - #Python examples of popular machine learning algorithms https://t.co/W5FBHsvpmz @Trekhleb;

YAML-defined CI/CD for ASP .NET Core by @shahedc https://t.co/kVsezPGoDt #dotnet via @DotNetKicks;

Larry Kim
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Marco Consolaro
RT @AlcortechLondon: Have you heard of "Connascence", defined by Jim Weirich as “The Grand Unified Theory of Sofware Development”? Read it…;

Whats The Secret Message? https://t.co/xGhFAfQvkW;

Digital Trends
The first beta of HALO: Reach on PC will be here any day now! https://t.co/FpJlM9fohm;

Nathan Latka
🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ they all loved it. But family show. Sorry parents! 😬😬 https://t.co/If8Gru5qsK;

Javascript Developer
Sıfırdan İleri Seviye Vue.JS Eğitimi ve Uygulama Geliştirme ☞ https://t.co/nfhzxQ3JfS #vuejs #javascript https://t.co/NcNy8isON1;

Indie's UNITE!
Marvel Adds ‘Unfinished Deleted Scene’ to ‘Avengers: Endgame’ in Last Attempt to Beat ‘Avatar’ Box Office https://t.co/yRQe9YNhgF #indie #music https://t.co/X3lolp6luv;

US Homeland Security: Switch on 2FA or Risk Getting Your Data Wiped by Iran https://t.co/hov49p7Ai6 https://t.co/7UJ9h05Uhu;

Educated: A Memoir https://t.co/UCNqU3gkHK;

The JavaScript Lab
Learn #JavaScript! "Learn Blockchain Programming with JavaScript: Build your very own Blockchain and decentrali... " https://t.co/F5RwL1hMkO;

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